About Me

Chippa Martin has achieved recognition for her work based on studies of nature.
She has had numerous solo shows on Martha's Vineyard, Cape Cod, Boston,
Los Angeles and Ogunquit. Her work is in many collections both here and abroad.




Printmaking gives me an opportunity to bring together my love for line, texture

and color. My prints are a medley of textures that I have created on the printmaking

press, joined together with solar etchings and woodcuts. I juxtapose natural and abstract

images, textures and shapes using a combination of printmaking techniques.





Inspiration from natural beauty is the initial spark that becomes the catalyst for me

to create. I use color as the conduit of a subject’s energy and texture and the

internal dynamic of line to maintain a consistent energy.




My flower art is based on celebrating the beauty of nature and still life flora.

Moments of unexpected beauty inspire me to capture elements of what I have observed.

I translate those moments to paper or printmaking plate. I begin with a literal

interpretation, thus capturing the essence of my subject. I then play with the shapes

but never completely abandon that perception, as my work moves toward abstraction.




The sea and the land around it have always been a place of reflection and inspiration for me.

My goal is to capture its vitality, energy and fluidity in my life and in my art.